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The look and function of your teeth make a huge difference in your confidence and health. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that corrects bite problems and improves your smile. Excellence Dental Services and their affiliated practices in Fullerton, California, feature expert teams that provide expert orthodontic care. Call Excellence Dental Services to schedule an orthodontic consultation at the practice of your choice or use the online tool to set up your visit.

Orthodontics Q&A

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics includes all procedures that correct problems with your bite, or malocclusions. Orthodontic treatments apply a light, constant force to gently reshape your jaw bone and coax your teeth into more aligned positions.

This shifting is possible because your teeth aren’t fixed rigidly into their supporting bone. Teeth are held in place by something called the periodontal ligament, a hammock-like structure that can be guided into new positions by forces placed on the teeth.

The practice of orthodontics includes the use of braces or clear, plastic aligners, which apply force in a light, but effective way.

Who should consider orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics can correct a crooked, misaligned smile, but your appearance isn’t the only reason to consider treatment.

Properly aligned teeth improve the way your teeth work. You chew and speak more clearly. Plus, the alignment of your teeth can affect how the whole part of your lower face looks. Orthodontics improves facial harmony.

Orthodontic treatment also helps make it easier to keep your teeth clean. This means you’re less vulnerable to devastating tooth decay and gum disease.

Although orthodontic treatment is often prescribed in childhood, healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Adults benefit from orthodontic treatment, too.

Before treatment, your dentist screens you for any signs of gum disease, which could complicate your outcome. Periodontal (gum) disease will be treated and managed prior to any orthodontic care.

What types of smile problems can orthodontics address?

The bite problems that orthodontics can address include:

  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites

Orthodontic interventions can also generally correct crooked teeth, excessive crowding, or gaps between teeth.

What treatments are included as part of orthodontics?

Orthodontics includes the application of “appliances” that correct the problems with your smile. Your expert orthodontist recommends the best type for your corrective needs and lifestyle. Appliances include:

  • Metal braces
  • Tooth-colored, inconspicuous braces
  • Clear aligners, like Invisalign®

While traditional metal braces are still effective and recommended in many cases, new technologies that include tooth-colored ceramic braces and invisible lingual braces have made orthodontic treatments less evident. Clear aligners also make orthodontic treatment manageable for many people without the pain and hassle of braces. 

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