5 Reasons Your Children Need Regular Dental Checkups

Today dental checkups are crucial for children. From the time of cutting their first teeth, to the process of such teeth falling and new teeth making their way up, dental checkups are an important factor.

The reason for commencing checkups when children are young, lays the foundation for preventing tooth decay and other dental issues.

1. Sweets, Candies and Chocolates

Children love sweets, candies and chocolates and these are things that parents have no control upon. Sometimes kids forget to brush their teeth before they go to bed after indulging in sweets. This is a major issue for parents as particles of sweets that are wedged between teeth tend to pave the way for decay and formation of cavities. Apart from the training you give your kids on oral health care, it is best to schedule an appointment with your family dentist, at least once in six months.

2. Prevention if Better than Cure

To be able to detect an issue with your children’s teeth and gums at an early stage is a crucial issue. A checkup every six months opens up issues such as detection of tooth decay and resultant cavities. It is gives your dentist an opportunity to prevent root canal filling if a minute amount of decay is visible.

3. Professional Cleanup

Your children may brush their teeth thrice a day, but at some point in time they need professional cleaning. At times tartar cannot be removed by regular brushing. It is then that professional oral care becomes necessary.

4. Benefits of Early Dental Checkups

Children’s baby teeth or milk teeth drop off at the age of 6 years and above. Parents are of the belief that a new set of teeth will appear soon. But what they forget to remember is that the milk teeth lay the foundation for oral hygiene.

5. Taking Care of the Future

When teeth are cared for in childhood, decay and cavities are eradicated permanently. A perfect set of teeth does not nurture itself. Rather it needs to be nurtured. Hence it is imperative that kids are educated on good oral hygiene.

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